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This military vet has the secret formula to becoming a great leader

Drawing on her 22 years in the U.S. Army, CEO and investor Phyllis Newhouse shares how women, especially women of color, can harness their potential as leaders in all aspects of their lives.

ByBianca Brosh

When senior military veteran and business leader Phyllis Newhouse walks into a room, no one has to guess who is in charge.

After spending 22 years working in cybersecurity and intelligence for the U.S. Army – where she served at the Pentagon and established the Cyber Espionage Task Force – the trailblazer made a name for herself when she founded her own cybersecurity company in 2002, Xtreme Solutions.

As CEO of the 6,500-person firm, her clients include the departments of Defense and State, Microsoft, Dell and other major companies. But that was just the beginning for the serial entrepreneur.

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