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Xtreme Solutions is an information technology services & solutions provider that is passionate about helping their clients become more innovative and efficient through the application of the latest information technologies. They provide professional services utilizing their certified subject matter experts. 

In partnership with the Technology Association of Georgia, Xtreme Solutions is on a mission to train and equip individuals to protect and safeguard their digital assets against the latest threats. Their Security+ training course will teach individuals how to ward off cyber attacks, thwart hijacks, and prevent data breaches that result in millions of dollars lost and countless lives ruined. 

From her days as a US Army officer to her time at the Pentagon, Newhouse, a service-disabled veteran, has been at the forefront of developing and improving computer technologies for defense and homeland security. As CEO of Xtreme Solutions, an information technology services provider, she is passionate about helping its clients, both federal and commercial, by offering state-of-the art cyber security and forensic analysis expertise.

Newhouse’s path from working for the government to working with the government began with establishing the Cyber Espionage Task Force at the Pentagon. The skills she learned from her 22 years of service resulted in Xtreme Solutions.

“My reason for starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur was so compelling that failure was simply not an option,” Newhouse says. “The idea that fueled me to start my business drives me to get up and go to work every day — that idea of continuing to serve. Our mission is to fight cyber crimes, attacks and to protect our nation.”

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