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Athena Tech Acquisition CEO on $250M IPO, importance of women-led SPACs

Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. CEO Phyllis Newhouse discusses the SPAC’s recent $250 million IPO — which is one of the first to be led entirely by women — the state of the SPAC market, and what types of targets the company is looking for.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Considering how many SPACs we have spoken to, and speak to on almost a daily basis, it is perhaps surprising that there aren't more people of color we've spoken to who have been starting SPACs, or perhaps it's, sadly, not so surprising. Phyllis Newhouse is joining us now though. She's the CEO of Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. She's the Chair of Xtreme Solutions. She is an Army veteran. She's a cybersecurity expert. And now she's starting this SPAC.

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