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She's a Soldier and a Founder on a Singular Mission: Open as Many Doors as Possible for Women

With steel honed in the military, serial entrepreneur Phyllis Newhouse is giving financial power to those who've never had it.

“The magic of being a great leader is that you can open doors and facilitate the dreams of others,” Newhouse says. “That’s the real power we have.” Photograph by Kennedi Carter

PHYLLIS NEWHOUSE HAS THE news on four TV monitors before her desk in a glass office tower. Through the window behind her, beyond the manicured gardens of a mansion once owned by Tyler Perry, a haze hangs over downtown Atlanta. She's facing the monitors rather than the skyline: Kabul has just fallen to the Taliban, which is of interest to Newhouse not just because she served for 22 years in the U.S. Army. She also runs a 6,500-person cyber­security firm, whose clients include the departments of Defense and State. "There's a lot more cyber fallout than you'd expect," she says gnomically.

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