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The 25 Most Famous Veteran Entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Small Business Trends

Even though 99.9% of businesses veterans own are small, there are some have eventually become global enterprises. 

According to a Small Business Administration report, veterans make up less 10% of the population. However, they have a disproportionately large number of businesses. The report reveals vets own close to 10% of firms in the U.S. This comes out to 2.4 million businesses with majority or outright veteran ownership.

Phyllis Newhouse — Xtreme Solutions, Inc.

Phyllis Newhouse, is the chief executive officer of Xtreme Solutions. Newhouse a former military intelligence sergeant for the Army, used her training on leadership, resilience and cybersecurity to found Xtreme Solutions.

Xtreme Solutions, Inc. (XSI) specializes in providing Information technology, cybersecurity, and telecommunications services & solutions as a government and commercial contractor. In addition, it provides information technology, cybersecurity, & telecommunications services & solutions.

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