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Counting Our Blessings

Blessings appear in our lives in so many different ways. Often, it depends on the perspective you have and the lens you’re looking through. You can be blessed by people, experiences, conversations and believe it or not, even struggles and hardships.

When I consider the significance of counting my blessings, I think about these words from my mother:

“If you can’t find the blessing even in the things that go wrong, you’re going to miss the biggest opportunity to live a good life.”

This is such an important thing to talk about! So that’s why, for the next few weeks, I want to focus on life’s blessings and the different ways we can experience them. Some of these include:


However big, small, traditional or nontraditional your family is...they’re yours and they’re not going anywhere. Family is who you are. Where you come from. And perhaps it’s even what you’ll become. We laugh, fight and most of the time, we have each other’s backs.

I've learned a lot about blessings through the loss of family. You can count your blessings with them for the life they lived and the time you had with them. Live with no regrets so when someone departs, you’ve lived your best life with the people you loved the most.


Or rather - the people you choose as our family! I love the connection family brings, but sometimes, you find that same connection in people who are not your blood. These friends have no agenda but to give and extend themselves to you.

These people will tell you when you’re out of line and you can’t live without them. You’re comfortable sharing your deepest concerns, goals and secrets. You laugh and learn together and they’re the ones who are there at midnight when you get that phone call you weren’t expecting.


It’s important to recognize the blessings our opportunities are, especially our jobs.

It’s easy to be jealous of what others have and get down because you can’t obtain what you want. But don’t forget that there’s someone else who would give anything just to be in your shoes.

Know that every offer coming your way is better than nothing. And try to see the positive side of the situation. That means viewing an opportunity to bless someone else as a blessing for yourself as well.


This is a big one. The blessings when you’ve made a mistake. Where is the blessing there?

Mistakes mold who you are and teach you not to go down that road again. They stretch you and you grow. Mistakes make you stronger if you can recognize it and if you forgive people who have made mistakes towards you.

I’m so excited to embark on this next series. What blessings do you want to hear about? What’s been a surprising blessing in your life?

Let me know in the comments!

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