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The Under-appreciated Blessings

Counting blessings require a purposeful mindset. It doesn’t just come naturally! As you get into the habit of counting blessings, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Understand gratitude

To understand blessings, you need to be coming from a heart of gratefulness. No matter how you see your situation, good or bad, you can always see something as a blessing.

The blessing could be education, experience, understanding or a simple gift. Every time we go through something good or bad, it’s an opportunity to ask what the blessing is there.

It’s easier to understand this when you realize that life is not all about what God gives to you. When the unexpected happens, try thinking forward to what God could be doing through your situation.

2. Know what a blessing is

What does it mean to be blessed? And what does the Bible say about being blessed?

A lot of people think of blessings as a “good life” that’s going your way. But, if you have a heart of gratitude, a good life is just the opportunity God’s given you to live every day!

3. Ask God what he wants

Rather than spending all your time asking God for things, simply ask that he gives you what he wants you to have. Ask what will bless him.

4. Look for blessings in the hard times

In the midst of the most painful events of my life, I’ve experienced some of the richest blessings. I was once in a position where God was the only one I had to turn to, and I was greeted by a deeper love than I’ve ever known.

The true blessings come from the trials. If you don’t see those as a blessing, ask God to show you what it is. Because it’s there! He allows you to go through hard times for a reason, so ask him what the blessing is.

Throughout the week, I want you to find at least 10 things to count as a blessing. Ask a friend to join you and hold each other accountable to being grateful, finding blessings through the bad things and putting God first.

Drop a comment below with a blessing you’ve found in your life!

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