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My daily mental health check

Ask yourself these three questions to start the day with the right perspective

Where is your head today? Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Is your mental health holding you back from your goals? Sometimes taking the time to reflect and look at things from a different point of view is exactly what you need to move past mental roadblocks.

Beginning the day by assessing my mental health and cultivating a positive attitude is essential to success. If my mindset isn’t where it needs to be, my overall performance suffers, not only as a leader, but also as a parent and a friend.

I’m sharing my daily mental health check with you today as part of the 90-day NewVIEW NewCHALLENGE, a guided journey of self-reflection and improvement that encourages participants to make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve their full potential.

To start your day off with the right attitude, try asking yourself these three things every morning:

1. Am I happy? You may feel overwhelmed or stressed in the moment, but are you actually happy with your life overall? If the answer is yes, a change of perspective can help you practice gratitude, which is key to happiness. Use this time to shift your attention from all that’s going wrong in your life, to what’s going right.

If the answer is no, what can you do to change it? What would truly make you happy? Chances are, it’s achievable through goal-setting, perseverance and perhaps a little courage to make significant changes. Why let fear hold you back from the life you truly desire for yourself? Live fearlessly and claim your happiness!

2. Am I living my core values? Your core values are non-negotiable, guiding principles around which all decisions and actions should be measured. Are there areas in your life that don’t reflect your core values, or where you’re living out of alignment with your personal integrity? If so, this can put a strain on your mental health.

Know your own core values – write them down. When you’re clear about the values you hold dear, it’s easy to discern where and how your life doesn’t reflect them. If you find you’ve gone off-course during your morning self-reflection, go back and redefine those values so you can reawaken to your sense of purpose.

3. How can I make time for self-care today? Because it’s definitely not just going to happen on its own! Planning self-care into your day is absolutely essential to managing stress and maintaining a positive mindset – and the good news is, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, resources or effort. Some ideas for daily self-care include:

  • Prayer or meditation

  • Hitting the gym or a trail

  • Taking a leisurely walk

  • Soaking in a warm bubble bath

  • Reading a favorite book or listening to a podcast

  • Spending quality time with friends and loved ones

morning meditation

This simple daily mental health check can help position your mindset for success. We can get so accustomed to worrying, complaining and seeing the glass as half empty that we’re blinded to all the beauty around us. Sometimes we just have to shine up our attitude to see how beautiful our lives really are. You can determine your own mood - choose positivity!

Have you joined the NewVIEW NewCHALLENGE yet? Join the private Facebook group today to begin your personal development journey, with the help of a supportive community, exclusive tips, resources and inspiration.

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