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Three things I do every day to keep my health on track

This week as part of the NewVIEW NewCHALLENGE, we’re talking about how to improve our physical health. If you don’t make caring for your health a priority, you’re probably not operating at the top of your game. You only get one body! God gifted you with this wonderful and perfect physical form, no matter your size, shape or abilities – it’s up to you to take care of it to fulfill your true potential and live life to the fullest.

As an entrepreneur and working mom, I understand the challenge of juggling self-care and a busy schedule. Trust me – I get it! Sometimes it’s hard to put your health first when you have so many other responsibilities piling up around you. Life can sometimes pull us in too many directions and away from healthy living if we don’t intentionally strive for balance.

But guess what? YOU are not an afterthought. You are the star player in your life and the leader of your own journey. You can’t care for other people, build relationships or achieve your goals if your body, mind and spirit aren’t healthy and ready to perform.

Prioritizing my physical health every day is one of the keys to my success. It’s what motivates me, makes me feel strong, focused and powerful. What’s my secret? I commit to doing these three simple things every day to keep my health on track:

1. Exercising daily

Talk to any successful leader, and you’ll find that they all have a daily exercise routine that keeps them in top physical condition. Running two to three miles daily keeps me feeling my best and mentally prepared to operate in greatness.

Even if I’m traveling for business, I purposefully incorporate exercise into my day, no excuses. It may take a little planning or adjusting my schedule, but the result is well worth it to me, because physical fitness is essential to my success and happiness.

The key is to move your body every single day, in some shape or form, no matter what. For you, that might mean walking the dog, swimming, cycling, doing yoga or even playing basketball with friends. Find whatever sparks joy in your heart while nurturing your body and commit to doing it every day!

2. Meal planning

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand to fuel a healthy body. Much like planning to incorporate physical activity into my schedule, I also make a weekly meal plan every Sunday, which I review and implement daily to ensure my health stays on track.

Tracking food and fitness can be especially important while traveling, during the work week and, for fellow parents, during the busy school year. It empowers you to make healthy choices for yourself and your family by taking the guesswork out of your meals and removing most excuses for unhealthy eating habits. (No need to grab fast food when you have the ingredients for a wholesome 30-minute meal already waiting for you!)

Join the NewVIEW NewCHALLENGE Facebook group to download my exclusive printable meal and fitness-tracker.

3. Getting quality sleep

Raise your hand if you’ve been prioritizing other activities over sleep lately. You’re not alone! Sleep is critical to the health of your body and mind – but the fact is, most of us aren’t getting nearly enough of it. You should aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly, according to the National Sleep Foundation, which also notes that around 30 percent of adults get less than six.

Adequate sleep plays a key role in maintaining good health and longevity, improving physical processes such as muscle recovery, blood sugar levels and your immune system, while decreasing inflammation, hunger signals and risk for obesity and many chronic diseases. Sleep also promotes better mood, happiness, focus and productivity, and is essential to your brain’s ability to consolidate memories.

My daily commitment to my health is not only to get enough sleep, but the right quality of sleep. That means creating an environment that’s conducive to rest, even while I’m on the road. My habits for sounder sleep include:

  • Investing in a white noise machine

  • Using blackout curtains (or a sleep mask in a pinch)

  • Removing all personal digital devices from the room

  • Taking a moment to calm myself in prayer or meditation

Set yourself up for success by caring for your physical health the way you deserve! Join the NewVIEW NewCHALLENGE Facebook group today, where you’ll find an empowering community of like-minded individuals supporting each other on a journey of self-reflection, motivation and goal-setting to enhance every aspect of our lives. Hope to see you there!

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