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Understanding your worth in the workplace

This month in the NewVIEW NewCHALLENGE, we’re discovering how changing our perspective on money can change our lives. View past blog posts about the NewView NewCHALLENGE here.

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I recently wrote about the importance of operating from a mindset of abundance to overcome your financial fears, grow your wealth and build a legacy. One of the many benefits of an abundance mindset is feeling confident about your professional worth.

When you have a scarcity mindset, you cycle everything through the perception that there isn’t “enough.” This can keep you from asking for the salary you deserve because either a) you’re worried the company might not have enough money or b) you don’t believe in your own value.

An abundance mindset empowers you to believe in your own worth and confidently reach out to claim what you have earned! To move your career forward and build your wealth, you need to communicate the value you bring to a company when it really counts.

Here’s how to determine your worth in the workplace to boost your career and increase your earning power:

Research your salary

Determining the market rate for your job is the first step in understanding your worth in the workplace. Many job-search companies also offer salary-estimator tools , such as, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and SimplyHired.

Talk to your peers

Talking to friends and co-workers about their salaries can give you a more realistic idea about what others in similar positions in your area are earning. It might seem like an awkward topic, but the truth is that everyone benefits from having an open dialogue about money.

Assess your skills

Make a list of the niche skills you bring to the table. These can be soft skills, such as communication, negotiation or organization, or hard skills such as graphic design, spreadsheet wizardry or project management. What do you specialize in that sets you apart?

List your accomplishments

Map out your workplace contributions to truly understand your worth. How have you added value to your organization? What initiatives have you spearheaded? What positive changes have you made? When have you gone above and beyond to achieve success?

Quantify your contributions

Once you have defined your accomplishments, translate them into terms of profitability. By quantifying how your endeavors have helped boost the bottom line for your organization, you can not only understand your worth in the workplace, but also prove it to your managers or potential employers.

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