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What God did in my life when I trusted him no matter what

Spiritual health is a fundamental aspect of your overall health and wellness. No matter what spirituality means to you, if you neglect to nourish your soul, your wellbeing can suffer as a result.

My spiritual health is synonymous with my faith in God. Any time when I’m waiting for an answer, whether in my personal life or in business, it comes down to having faith. Faith helps boost our capacity for resilience, that essential spark that empowers us to overcome life’s challenges. There have been so many instances when trusting in God has seen me through hardships to find happiness and ultimately success – but it doesn’t always come easy.

When I’m having a tough time putting my trust in God fully, I think of my son. When I see my son, Ezekiel, I see faith.

We struggled for ten years to conceive my son, Ezekiel. TEN years! During this time, there were conflicts in my marriage, doubts, fears, you name it. Many people thought I should give up. There were times when I wanted to give up. But I also wanted to be a mother more than anything, so I held fast to my faith that God would provide our family with the child we so desperately desired. Ezekiel is that child. He is the product of trusting in God no matter what.

Today, my relationship with my son is very deep. He is my biggest reason why I believe that everything ties back to having faith. Just look at what God can do when you trust in Him no matter the circumstances! Our close relationship is indicative of that trust and faith.

That’s not to say putting your trust in God is always a simple solution that can be deployed at the snap of your fingers, or that it will necessarily deliver your desired outcome every time. It can be hard to have faith – and that’s ok! As with all good things in life, it takes dedication and effort. That’s where putting in the work to sustain your spiritual health comes into play.

Think of your faith like a muscle: it needs the right exercise and nourishment to grow and thrive. Here are five daily practices to help strengthen your faith and enhance your resilience:

1. Be still

Whether you choose to sit in prayer, meditation, Bible study or just self-reflection, set aside time every day to just be still. Sit alone with your thoughts in daily reflection to refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your faith.

2. Go outside

How much time do you spend in the sun? Sometimes it’s a great antidote to negativity. If you want to experience God, just go outside and breathe the fresh air. If you want to feel His presence, just go outside and stand in the sun.

3. Choose positivity

If it’s “raining” in your life today, focus on seeing the sunshine through the clouds! Sometimes storms do a lot of damage. But guess what? That also means it’s an opportunity to start fresh and rebuild something even better, stronger and more resilient than what existed before. Flex that “faith muscle” by choosing a positive perspective despite the rain.

4. Shine your light

When you find that sunshine to focus on every day, share it with others! Be the sunlight in someone else’s life that makes flowers bloom after a hard rain. Witnessing the effect the power of your faith has on others will help replenish your own faith.

5. Find a support network

Your spiritual health is a personal thing, but walking in faith doesn’t have to mean doing it alone. Find your “people” – the like-minded, faithful individuals who lift you up in times of struggle, who give you a shoulder to lean and empower you to stay strong in your faith and keep pushing toward your goals.

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